Q&A: Playing Cupid on a storage space group, eHarmony stores lots of relationship

Q&A: Playing Cupid on a storage space group, eHarmony stores lots of relationship

Q&A: Playing Cupid on a storage space group, eHarmony stores lots of relationship

Online partnership webpages attention newer services whilst seems to provide 15 million customers

NORTH PARK — online dating service eHarmony continues to amass many information to supply the on line relationship services for 15 million users. The company 18 months ago deployed clustered space methods to handle the photos, graphics, logs also information sort it’s got put into the web profiles they shops for its consumers. In an interview recently on Computerworld Storage network globe summit here, tag Douglas, vice-president of technologies at eHarmony Inc., talked-about the business’s use of space groups, just how he chooses storage manufacturers, precisely why the company is actually phasing recording backup, and about brand new projects wanted to keep online dating sites moving alongside.

What makes right up eHarmony’s that storage space planet? We utilize two important suppliers. For space arrays, we utilize 3PAR [Data Inc.]. We now have Oracle databases hosts fiber-attached straight to those arrays for many TP, databases accessibility and data warehousing. For anything else as well as for storage space accessibility, we have clustered ONStor [Inc.] NAS gateways attached to 3PAR gateways. They provide use of every thing on our very own farm and our very own two information centers. All things are actually on 3Par. Everything except the databases is accessed via the OnStor NAS arrays — photos, profiles, things getting retained.

Exactly why did you determine ONStor for space clustering? Because we can easily use a gateway means and now we didn’t have to include another fundamental storing development. More important is actually stability. We have been operating them about 1.5 decades and now we’ve got zero moments of recovery time. Factor two is really because they may be clustered. Also for planned downtime, we could carry out pc software updates where we defeat the nodes and cluster and improve they. In addition, the results is great. At any considering moment in time, there’s a significant number of people on our very own website. Provided what we do, they are all checking out photographs and checking profiles as well. The ONStor gateways get hefty practices but we haven’t must dedicate visitors to handle all of them.

Essential was storage space clustering for the uptime and redundancy? Clustering are every little thing to maintaining a site such as this big beautiful dating network, or any 24×7 the web sites, [going]. Its mainly a position of getting rid of every single feasible point of problem. Actually all of our spying techniques need to be redundant. If the thing that is keeping track of items fails, every thing could give up. It involves most diligence and you have are incredibly comprehensive. You uncovered every aim of breakdown while having they clustered to stop that. In most online organization, something is broken although consumer never ever sees it since they bring redundant parts working.

Q&A: Playing Cupid on a storage cluster, eHarmony sites an abundance of romance

How are you presently capable stabilize the necessity for updates versus maintaining costs lined up at a company that is viewed amazing progress as you accompanied in 2004? In , just 24 months after, there is 100TB. Maintaining that gains try a continuing challenge. Whatever you should not manage was hold switching suppliers and changing technology. It is vital to be sure everything you’re purchase can scale horizontally, which means it may be clustered. There is continuous gains but we’ve have not needed to put men because we are leveraging these technologies. We’ve got 100TB of storage and in addition we have actually zero folks managing that — the space arrays are self-managing.

Couldn’t you have achieved the same using a closet community? We do not run a SAN, therefore we don’t need to concern yourself with a whole bunch of storage space management work that many businesses face. If you should be run an EMC [Corp.] or [Network device Inc.] array, there is an entire storage space format that has to be determined. You most likely has 100 drives and [have to ask], ‘where have always been we browsing lay out my information?’ 3Par really does that instantly. Once we bought these technologies 2 years back, we didn’t have you aren’t ‘storage’ within their concept – we still you shouldn’t. We simply have a database personnel.

Just what directed you to adopt a storage cluster arrangement? Before [clustering, types] was all [Hewlett-Packard Co.] MSA1000 direct-attached storage space arrays connected to the database servers. We outgrew them when we couldn’t physically place more drives about container. That drove us to think about extra enterprise lessons tech. The prime motivator [for clustering] had been that individuals wanted influence. We don’t need to have a complete big ‘storage effort,’ and did not desire to expose extra things of problem. It is not inexpensive but it is economical. A very important factor We have observed in others is because they wind up with storage throughout the organization. We have been capable centralize it. Our storing will come form the discussed arrays and gateways.

Exactly why didn’t you turn-to the largest storage vendors 1 . 5 years ago to handle your storing problems? We evaluated those manufacturers, in particular EMC. There was simply way too much expenses and energy tangled up in handling those systems. On top of that, they aren’t the best overall performance and highest dependability. Also on an EMC array, computer software enhancements usually [require] in the pipeline recovery time. It just failed to accumulate. The sole reason to justify purchase from well-known providers is basically their unique brands. Which is just not sufficient for us. We didn’t have a vested curiosity about purchasing EMC because we did not very own [their services and products]. We did not disregard the businesses possibilities. We simply looked at the purely technical [needs] so much this has repaid for all of us.”

What makes you abandoning tape in support of on line back-up? We’re beginning to need de-duplication gateways and removing recording completely around. Rather than making use of 90 days of recording for backup, [for alike price] I can put the same amount of facts using the internet for annually. Tape is certainly not regarded reliable. By improving reliability, you’re allowing faster accessibility nowadays you can keep backups for a significantly extended some time and [cut] prices.

What sort of brand new space tasks try eHarmony currently implementing? With regards to attributes and function, discover always various things we are trying on the webpage. We [are creating] a product to simply help married people share her commitment. Both sides take a questionnaire and each can tell how other individual feels. Additionally, we now have 15 million users. That makes plenty of facts that’s a good choice for everybody in the providers to [use to] augment our companies.

Exactly what guidance have you got for businesses seeking to much better controls their own storing surroundings? Would more with much less. The greatest aim of breakdown is actually failure — practically peoples mistake. When you are able bring influence from a technology therefore don’t have to touch it as a lot, it’s not necessary to break it a lot. My advice for any person in the space arena are you should end up being continuously interested in newer and appearing technology that are going to bring trustworthiness, expense results, and performance that you need.

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